Posted on 4th October, 2023

Unveiling the Future of Productivity: Introducing a Brand-New Office Space

We are thrilled to present a game-changer in office design – a brand new office space that represents the future of Central. Creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and efficiency. Welcome to Portland House!

Working in partnership with designers Ultimate Commercial Interiors, the new office space represents a new vision for our brand.

Gone are the cramped offices and boring workstations – this cutting-edge office space is the embodiment of a forward-thinking approach, where productivity is nurtured, and work-life balance is at the forefront. With its innovative layout, modern amenities, and thoughtful incorporation of technology, it sets a new standard for the company.

One of the most striking features of this new office space is its openness and emphasis on collaboration. Outfitted with spacious common areas, flexible workstations, and inviting breakout spaces, the layout encourages employees to interact, brainstorm, and seek each other’s expertise throughout the workday. These open spaces are complemented by cozy nooks and meeting pods, providing privacy and concentration when necessary, striking a perfect balance between collaboration and focused work.

Advanced technology is cleverly woven into the fabric of this office space. Smart devices, automated systems, and integrated sensors enable a more streamlined and efficient workflow. From touch-free access controls to state-of-the-art meeting room systems, every detail has been meticulously designed to ease day-to-day operations and fuel a seamless digital experience.

To ensure sustainability, the designers have focused attention on environmental responsibility. Utilizing green building techniques, such as carbon neutral flooring, energy-efficient lighting, and recycling facilities, this workspace aims to minimize its ecological footprint. Additionally, initiatives like electric vehicle charging stations contribute to a greener commute and further align with the eco-conscious vision of the company. With facilities such as bike stations, hotel-quality showers and drying rooms, and access to on-site laundry and dry cleaning, yoga studios and work place catering, Portland House is certainly one of Newcastle’s most prestigious office buildings.

Financial Director, William Palmer said “Investing in a modern office space like this is not just a matter of aesthetics. We are embracing the principles of collaboration, well-being, technology integration, and sustainability. We have changed!”

So, welcome to the future of Central – a workplace where collaboration, innovation, and well-being converge in a space designed to unlock the full potential of every employee.

Welcome to your new Central!

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