Yes, people know that we’ve been in the industry for almost 40 years, and in that time we’ve made a lot of customers very happy. But what have we got to show for it? This is what our testimonials page is for.

They are living, breathing proof of our claims, giving Central Employment the chance to enhance our enviable reputation and show people that what’s written in our website is not just generic jibber jabber. It shows that what we claim is true, and we have people to attest to that.

“I would have no reservation in recommending that others work with Greg and Central Employment for help with their recruitment needs””

“I have worked with Greg for over 3 years now and I have had great success in our recruitment with him. Greg has listened to our needs and requirements, taken the time to understand the structure of the company and learnt the roles that we have available inside-out.  He is very professional, thorough, great at communicating and has restored my faith in recruitment agencies.

I would have no reservation in recommending that others work with Greg and Central Employment for help with their recruitment needs”

Vikki Bishop,

Head of eCommerce, Happy Beds


Vikki Bishop - Happy Beds

“I love my new role and have Greg to thank for putting me in touch with the company”

Greg was so helpful in assisting me to find a new role. He has a very personal ‘real’ feel, and even messaged me on the day of my interviews, and the first day of my job to congratulate me. I love my new role and have Greg to thank for putting me in touch with the company.

Greg also went above and beyond in securing this role.   I would definitely recommend his service to both employees and job seekers.’


Rosie Jackson, Graphic Designer, Seaward


“I’d highly recommend Greg from a candidate point of view as well as a client perspective”

After living in London for the past three years, I had become massively out of touch with my North East network. This was largely because my network relied heavily on my university connections, and the majority had since dispersed around the world. I soon realized my return to the North East wasn’t going to be as easy as I had assumed. I spent weeks on LinkedIn and job sites looking for a role similar to my London position. I reached out to old colleagues and posted several times to my neglected LinkedIn network asking for help… Newcastle help.

I’m not sure if it was the algorithm working in my favour or pure chance, but days later, a job post appeared that sounded perfect—exactly what I had been looking for. I sent off my application and digital portfolio, and Greg soon hopped on a call with me, providing a very honest idea of the company, role, culture, expected salary, and future of the business. He had a direct approach, which I very much appreciated after several recruiters had sold me ‘the dream’ job, followed by an unpleasant interview process.

But not this time. I had a call with Greg that painted a very clear picture of what I was walking into, along with some much-needed words of encouragement. Two weeks later, I met with my now manager and the managing director of the company. The following week, I was offered the job. That was eight months ago now, and I can honestly say Greg described this role exactly as it is. It’s a role and company I love being a part of, which not many people can say. I’m thankful for Greg being so efficient but mostly for setting me up in the role I’m in now.

I’d highly recommend Greg from a candidate point of view as well as a client perspective. I’ve seen Greg maintain a relationship with our MD since.

Thank you,

Abbie Quinn,

Social Media Manager at White Digital


“Central focus on making sure the fit is there”

Central Employment came onboard during 2023 after we realised that we needed a fresh look at the supply of temporary labour. Central came via recommendation, which says a lot.
The team at Middlesbrough are second-to-none and are flexible to adapt to our changing needs – sometimes on a seemly weekly basis! After using other agencies that focus on numbers, it is refreshing to see that Central focus on making sure the fit is there. Follow-up is second to none and even after placement, Central stay in touch with both workers and the HR team to provide timely, relevant feedback and ongoing support.

Katherine Bridle
Head of HR


“Central have supported us every step of the way”

I have been working in partnership with Central since 2022 and have developed a great working relationship with the team at Middlesbrough. Collette and Molly are my main points of contact and I cannot fault the work they put in to get the right candidates for our business.
We are a fast growing company and have had to recruit quickly to meet the growing demands and Central have supported us every step of the way. The communication and information I receive from them is excellent. I could not recommend Central employment highly enough.

Pamela Pllu
Operations Manager


“I couldn’t recommend Greg’s service highly enough.”

Having been in Italy for the last 4 years, I was searching for a new job opportunity in the North East of England. I’ve been connected with Greg on Linkedin for a while so I decided to reach out. Within a few hours of messaging him, we already had a video call booked in to discuss opportunities and one particular job role he thought could interest me.

On this call he pitched the job excellently, spoke extremely well and listened to my expectations. A first stage interview was swiftly booked in the next morning.

After the first stage interview went well, the next stage was booked in the following week. Greg offered me good advice, clearly had a good relationship with the company’s hiring team and was swift in his responses.

After successfully completing the next stage of the interview, I was offered a job on the same evening. Within a week of contacting Greg I had received and accepted a brilliant job offer from an exciting company. Not only this, the job role was exactly as I had wished.

I couldn’t recommend Greg’s service highly enough.

Jordan Sharpe, eCommerce Manager, Rust-Oluem Colours UK



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