Posted on 8th November, 2023

Quiet Haven: A Retreat for Staff Well-Being

In our fast-paced working world, where deadlines demand our attention and stress seems to lurk around every corner, finding moments of peace and relaxation can often be challenging.


When designing our new modern office space, we wanted to create a ‘snug’; a calming room to serve as a haven for our hardworking team.


As employers, we recognise the value of promoting employee well-being. As the saying goes, “a happy employee is a productive employee”. Seeking opportunities to recharge and de-stress during the workday can greatly enhance productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction, and ultimately do wonders for our mental health. Understanding this, our design team created this room as a place for our staff to retreat, relax, and find some peace from the busy office atmosphere.


Our snug is more than just a quiet space; it’s our ‘oasis amidst the chaos’. Comfortable sofas and soft lighting encourages relaxation. Staff can temporarily escape from the demands of their busy working tasks.


The carefully chosen colour palette, comfortable furnishings, and natural elements come together to create a serene environment that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. These quiet moments of respite encourage a sense of balance and harmony, ultimately improving the mental well-being of our team.


But it also serves as a catalyst for creative conversations and collaboration, encouraging colleagues to engage in meaningful and thought-provoking discussions. Freed from distractions, staff can explore ideas, brainstorm, and find innovative solutions to the challenges they face.


The snug is more than just a cosy appealing room; it is a testament of our dedication to staff well-being. By incorporating quiet time into the workday and offering a comfortable and relaxing space, we hope to promote mindfulness, encourage creativity, reduce stress, and strive for balance in our team, and in our business.


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