Posted on 5th October, 2023

Central: A bold new chapter begins with an exciting rebranding launch

Central have unveiled their highly anticipated rebranding campaign, marking a new chapter for the North-East recruiter. The strategic move, which comes following their recent move into state-of-the-art offices at Portland House, aims to revitalize the image of the brand, expand market reach, and strengthen their position as leaders in the recruitment and training industry.


Central Employment’s Managing Director Paul Ponton said “This transformation represents our commitment to innovation, evolution, and delivering even greater value to our clients. It signifies the renewed vision and direction for Central. Rest assured, the values and principles that have made us successful thus far will remain at the heart of our business, serving as the solid foundation on which our new brand is built”.


Over the past 3 months, the team at Central have worked with North-East creative agency Cargo. To redefine their identity and brand and prepare them for the next phase in their business journey, Paul Hart, Managing Director at Cargo Creative said, “Our goal was to create a fresh and modern identity that accurately reflects the evolution and growth of the company, but also honours it’s history too. We focused on combining bold visuals with a compelling narrative to communicate the values, aspirations and unique selling points of Central. This campaign represents months of hard work and collaboration”.


The refreshed logo is a modern and dynamic design, symbolising the forward-thinking approach of the company’s Directors and the journey that many of their clients find themselves on. A vibrant colour palette has been introduced which is reflective of the previous scheme, but it certainly more mature than before.


Within the rebrand, Central have redefined their Mission Statement and Vision. Their mission, to continually exceed clients’ expectations whilst leading the way in best practices, all built upon our 40-year-plus history within the North of England. The vision, to be an outstanding employer and deliver first class recruitment and training services in a dynamic, progressive and professional manner.


Central understand that every candidate is different and so is their career path.  The new brand and messaging takes into account the three core audiences of Central; whether this be individuals looking for support into employment, companies that Central provide talent for, or those who could now utilise the training side of the business, introduced just over 4 years ago.


Central Employment Director, Mark Trett said “This rebranding is not merely a cosmetic change. We have redefined our purpose and clarified our goals. We aim to be industry leaders. This journey is a demonstration of our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients and first-class facilities for our team”.


The core focus of the rebranding efforts creates a modern and innovative visual identity that captures the essence of the company. With a renewed vision and strengthened identity, Central is poised to expand its market reach and attract a broader client base. The rebranding launch will be accompanied by a comprehensive marketing campaign that aims to captivate the company’s existing audience while enticing new clients to engage with the services on offer.


Central are ready to embrace new opportunities and drive success, with the aim to become the largest recruitment and training provider in the North-East!



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