Posted on 5th February, 2024

Celebrating 30 Years of Success

This month, we are honouring a remarkable milestone for our distinguished Managing Director, Paul Ponton, as he celebrates an incredible 30 years with Central.

30 years ago, Paul began his journey with Central on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. Working in a support role to the then Consultants within our already established industrial department. From his first day, he demonstrated remarkable dedication, ambition, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Throughout his journey, he has risen through the ranks, leaving a lasting mark on our industrial/manufacturing division.

After progressing into a Consultant role, Paul solidified his reputation further by securing and running some of the largest accounts in the company’s history, some of which he still oversees to this day. As our Operations Manager, Paul demonstrated exceptional leadership, business acumen, a relentless work ethic, and a passion for driving success. His contribution and pursuit of excellence has played a pivotal role in Central’s growth and development over the past 3 decades.

In 2015, Paul further cemented his legacy, playing an instrumental role in the Management Buyout, showcasing his visionary leadership and strategic knowledge. This significant undertaking has paved the way for our continued success, propelling us towards new heights.

As our current Managing Director, Paul continues to lead us with unmatched dedication and commitment to our shared vision. His leadership style inspires and empowers our team to strive for greatness, consistently pushing boundaries and delivering extraordinary results.

We celebrate Paul’s outstanding achievements, his determination and his loyalty. We extend our gratitude for his remarkable journey. This incredible milestone represents not only 30 years of his personal success but also 30 years of shared achievements, growth, and an unbreakable spirit that spreads throughout the company.

Congratulations on this extraordinary achievement Paul!

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