Molly Thompson

Molly joined Central Employment in September 2022, starting her journey in the Recruitment industry as a 360 industrial consultant.

Prior to Molly working in recruitment, she worked in the fast-paced automotive industry, bringing her passion for cars and all things loud and noisy into the office. Molly used her communication skills and experience from working with customers and clients on a daily basis into recruitment, finding her forte! She now enjoys speaking to candidates and clients on a daily basis, checking in often to see how things are going as well as offering her help as often as possible.

In her spare time, Molly often finds herself working on cars, playing pool at her local pool hall every Tuesday, taking her puppy on walks, and supporting her favorite football team, Manchester United as often as she can as well as watching games live at Old Trafford. Molly is by far the smallest person in the office but has a huge personality and willingness to help as much as she can.

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t: 01642 062565



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