Posted on 9th June, 2021

Interview Top Tips for Success!

With the world slowly but surely opening back up again, the job market is picking back up at a rapid rate. With remote interviews becoming the norm now when applying for jobs, we have gathered some top tips to help you succeed in your interview – and also get you prepared for when face to face interviews start again!



Think smart, clean and professional, which means no jeans, no track suits and no trainers. You want to be remembered for the right reasons!


It’s always a good idea to take a spare CV with you. An interviewer may refer to your CV or application form and ask you more about it – they may expect you to have a copy to hand. This shows you’re prepared and have put a lot of thought and effort into the interview. Don’t forget to take any other documents the employer may have asked you to bring with you, such as your passport or National Insurance Number.


Preparation is key! Make notes, revise them and use them. Spend some time researching the company so you can go into your interview with a good knowledge of what they do – this will tell the employer that you are serious and passionate about a career with them. Pay particular attention to the company’s history, what they do, any particular achievements they’re proud of & any current news or campaigns.

Ask Questions

Show you are interested in the role and the company itself by preparing a few questions to ask your interviewer – this could be what their future plans are for growth or what the company culture is like. Remember, as much as they want to know if you are right for the job, you also need to know if the job is right for you!



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