Posted on 24th February, 2020

Employee Wellbeing

Central Employment have started the year as we mean to go on by encouraging all of our staff to take advantage of the benefits offered within our Wellbeing Programme.


Wellbeing Strategy

We work hard to foster a Positive Health Culture at Central Employment, empowering colleagues to take personal accountability for their Wellbeing is important and we support colleagues by providing access to a number of Wellbeing resources and initiatives throughout the year. Striking the right balance across education, awareness and intervention forms an integral part of our approach.

The Wellbeing Strategy places an emphasis on caring for the Wellbeing of employees both physically and mentally in order to ensure we create and sustain a Positive Health Culture. We achieve this by committing to activity in the following key areas:

  1. Raising awareness of Wellbeing Topics

Whether through Mental Health Awareness Week, World Mental Health Day or supporting Mental Health charities, we create an open environment to discuss wellbeing topics such as stress and caring for the mental wellbeing of our remote workforce.

  1. Encouraging participation in physical activity amongst employees

Central Employment recognises that employees with a good work/life balance are more productive and are more encouraged. There are many benefits from physical activity and we encourage employees to make active, healthier choices.

  1. Promoting positive mental wellbeing in the workplace

Supporting & training our management team on how to hold positive conversations around mental health in the workplace. Supporting staff to attend support groups during working hours and ensure our employees have access to independent confidential support.

  1. Promoting a healthy work/life balance

Supporting our employees with ease of access to requesting reasonable adjustments. Encouraging employees to book their annual leave entitlement in year so as to ensure they take regular breaks and make time to enjoy life away from the workplace leaving them refreshed and energised throughout the year.

  1. Encouraging quality time spent with family

Central Employment recognises that time spent with family is a vital part of an employee’s wellbeing and encourages their staff to spend quality time with families. Examples of how we support this is flexible working hours to attend family events, time off to attend Christmas Nativity’s without having to use holiday entitlement.

  1. Encouraging Learning and development

Examples of this include offering employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge and enhance their current skill set by attending courses and gaining academic qualifications relating to their job roles.

 Employee access to Wellbeing benefits and Services

 Central Employment provide independent, confidential and free help on a wide range of life management and personal issues. We provide a range of employee benefits that support employee wellbeing. These reflect a combination of core offerings available to all employees putting our employees in control of how they support their wellbeing. Examples include:

  • 50% substitute on Gym memberships and associated fitness programmes
  • Free fruit provided weekly
  • Savings and protection, including pension and advances
  • Lifestyle choices; Examples include: addition annual leave for length of service, Christmas break & Birthday paid annual leave above entitlement
  • Flexible Working when possible
  • Financial support when required
  • 4 weeks Paternity leave
  • Learning & Development Opportunities
  • Team building – 4x annual staff nights out

Flexible Working & Family Friendly

Helping our employees strike a healthy work-life balance, our flexible working options go beyond what is required by legislation and include part-time work, job sharing and flexible hours. When possible, flexible working is available to all Central Employment employees and we look to achieve a workable solution for employees and the company. This gives both parties a chance to review the arrangements periodically, adapt to any changing circumstances and agree any changes to the working pattern. Central Employment supports a Family Friendly approach for all employees to strike the right balance between their work and family responsibilities. We aim to assist employees (parents and prospective parents) by providing the flexibility and support that is necessary to achieve this balance while being compatible with, and beneficial to, business efficiency. For example, Central Employment offers 4 weeks full paid paternity leave for fathers and operates a childcare voucher scheme to help support parents with the cost of childcare.

 Promoting Active and Health Lifestyles for Employees:

 Central Employment recognises that employees with a good work/life balance are more productive and are more encouraged. We also recognise that there are many benefits from physical activity and encourage employees to make active, healthier choices. Central Employment recognises a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity and healthy eating choices and encourages this by offering a 50% discount to all employees who have gym memberships including any physical activity classes they attend. We also provide fresh fruit weekly to all staff members free of charge.

 Promoting a healthy work/life balance

A huge part of an employee’s wellbeing is their psychological needs including employees receiving regular breaks from work related stress.  Some examples of how Central Employment support this is by giving their staff additional holiday entitlement for length of service, Christmas break off with full pay without employees using holiday entitlement (3 additional holidays) and all employees are given their birthday off with full pay without having to use holiday entitlement.

 Social Needs

Central Employment recognises that Social Needs is another important factor of employee wellbeing, forming good relationships with managers and colleagues. Central Employment hosts 4 annual staff nights out for their employees fully paid for by the company.


Central Employment believes every individual has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to work in an environment which is free from bullying, harassment and victimisation. This will enable employees to contribute more effectively to the success of Central Employment and achieve higher levels of engagement, personal wellbeing and satisfaction in their role. Established processes readily accessible for employees provide a safe and supportive approach by which any concerns can be raised.


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