Posted on 22nd June, 2016

A Day in the Life…. James Gibson

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

At 4.30 a.m. my alarm sounds and I spring out of bed full of life, throw on the suit and hat, grab the umbrella and tap dance to the car. Or something like that, maybe a little less graceful than I imagine.

Fridays are the quietest of days, time sheets are done, Inductions planned and interviews are all done and dusted.

But in recruitment, there is always more work that can be done because there is always that extra mile you can go for the client.

First stop is the factory. It is important to ensure the workers all check in before beginning work at 6am. Getting there for 5.30am is very important to make sure everyone manages to get in to work on time and ensure any issues can be addressed. Several checks need to be made to ensure the staff are compliant with requirements, P.P.E is accessible and all have clocked in correctly using their electronic key cards. Any other queries or issues can be addressed or documented.

At 6am a report is printed off at the factory to monitor clock in times, ensuring any lateness issues can be addressed and that everyone has clocked in to work correctly. It’s important to catch any clock in issues, electrical or user, ready to resolve before pay day. It is important to be aware of potential problems early so they can be addressed. The number one reason everyone goes to work is to get paid so it is essential that being paid correctly is done accurately and efficiently! Any concerns are documented, beginning a paper trail should an issue arise later.

The next shift of workers arrive at the factory and start at 7am so again the process is repeated to ensure everyone has everything necessary to begin work safely. After all the staff are checked in and clocked in with any issues addressed,  I liaise with production managers informing that the work force is in place, discuss current supplied staff’s performance and any further requirements they need help with.

With the most important part of the day over with, it’s back to the office.

Typical daily duties begin with the ‘Planner,’ this is our electronic log where we can record the attendance of all the workers for the day.  Issues of the day is next. It’s very important to resolve any issues or queries raised by our workers from the morning that couldn’t be resolved on site. This varies but often it is booking in holiday requests. Document new starters and setting them up on our system so that payroll runs smoothly.

General daily duties resume. CV reviews from fresh CV’s brought into the office for those that made that little extra effort, followed by advert responses. Contacting potential candidates with a phone interview and then invited in for formal interview and registration. Part and parcel of this is reviewing the quality of the applicants and revisiting and amending adverts to attract the right candidates including any additional requirements discussed at the factory with the production managers that morning.

As the day draws to a close its again liaising with the client for the Staff order coming in as Production from the day ramps down and the weekends planning gets completed. When the order comes in it’s down to planning the workforce for the following day. Contacting the candidates and confirming their attendance for work and assigning each individual to their shift and department.

Then it’s hat off, slippers on and tea on the table.

By James Gibson

Industrial Key Account Manager

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